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Residing on a beautiful manor, surrounded by a river valley on one side and hills covered with forests on the other is the Bangsbo Museum. Its’ oldest buildings, nicely preserved, date back to the 16th century.

Only two kilometers away from the center of Frederikshavn, it allows visitors to easily witness one of the rarest exhibitions in the world. They can experience the town history, textile exhibits and a unique collection of jewellery made of human hair in the manor house.

There is a 16th century barn in which is displayed a large collection of horse-drawn carriages.

Under the roof of the stables is positioned one-of-a-kind ship from Ellinga – dated 1163 and also a maritime exhibit of model ships and busts.

Underneath all that lies a gallery about the resistance movement in Jutland during the German occupation of Denmark in 1940-45.

Right next to the museum, lays Bangsbo Botanical Gardens which consists of a deer park, herb garden and a playground made from nature materials.

The Royal Resistance Museum

A new and exciting exhibition about the German occupation 1940-45 was moved from Silkeborg to to Frederikshavn on the 4th of May, 2000 . It delivers a riveting insight into the occupation hardship and hope.

Underneath the exhibition was built an experience hall, where visitors have the opportunity to stand under a starry night sky and feel the atmosphere of a nedkastningsscene or even see how illegal newspaper business was going on during the war.